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Oil Samples

Scents from Nature is a Portuguese company specializing in the cultivation and preservation of unique plants, producing essential oils to cater to the needs of dozens of companies worldwide. 

Our oil samples are the best way for your company to experience the various benefits, specific properties, and overall quality of our essential oils.

To sample any of our oils, you simply need to pick one or more and request a quote by filling in the form provided.

Oil samples are available in three options: 10ml, 30ml, and 100ml.


How to order Oil Samples from Scents from Nature

Although the process of ordering oil samples from Scents from Nature is an extremely easy process, we understand that it may be difficult to choose which of our numerous oils your company would like to sample. 

To facilitate the decision-making process, our online store filters our oils into four categories:

  1. Aromas;
  2. Oil Applications;
  3. Processing Methods;
  4. Plant Parts.

By filtering the options according to the specific needs of your company, we ensure you will find the essential or vegetable oil your products and consumers require.


The Aromas

Within the aroma section, you can filter our oil samples by their different traits, depending on the requirement(s).

Each aroma is ultimately the result of the organic compounds emitted by the plant and it can be divided between groups, notes, or specific fragrances.

When filtering by aroma, it is also important to keep in mind the oil’s final application.  


Possible Oil Applications

Essential oils have many applications. To choose wisely, one must consider precisely where they are going to be used. 

For example, an essential oil that is appropriate for massage therapy may not present the same benefits when applied within the perfumery industry. 

This is the reason we offer your company the possibility of ordering different oil samples filtered by their ultimate application. 

So, if you are not sure about what aroma you need, the plant part from which our essential and vegetable oils come, or even their processing method, then begin by filtering our oil samples by their possible industry applications. 

How are our Oils processed?

How are our Oils processed?

Scents from Nature is proud of its sustainability practices and commitment to ethical sourcing. All of our oils are processed using gentle methods that ensure they maintain their properties, as well as their premium quality. 

If the manner of processing is of the utmost importance to your company, our oil samples can also be filtered by the method used:

  • Steam Distillation;
  • Mechanical Pressing.


Plant parts

Oil characteristics can differ depending on the plant parts used during production of any given essential oil. 

Filtering our oil samples by the plant parts from which they derive can therefore provide your company with a real insight into each of the essential and vegetable oils provided by Scents from Nature.


Request an Oil Sample quote from Scents from Nature

Requesting an Oil Sample quote from Scents from Nature allows your company to try different oils and ensure their quality, effects, and characteristics. 

By offering the possibility of trying all our oils beforehand, we can ensure your company acquires the perfect essential or carrier oil that matches your product’s needs.

Filter the oil samples according to your requirements, add as many as are needed to your cart, fill in the form and we will contact you with a quote as soon as possible.

Remember that it is also possible to request a quote for any oil sample together with a more substantial order, allowing your company to always sample new possibilities brought to you directly from nature.