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Essential Oil for Home


Essential oils for the home are highly valued for their natural scents and various benefits.

When used in the home context, essential oils transform the ambiance, promote well-being, and create a soothing atmosphere. 

These essential oils are derived from Angolan native plants and help you provide your customers homes with their aromatic and therapeutic properties. 

Essential oils for the home can be used through air diffusers, added to homemade cleaning products, incorporated into bath and body care routines, or used in DIY projects like candle making.

Each single one of our essential oils possesses unique fragrances, allowing you to help your clients personalize their home environment according to their preferences. 

So whether you seek to provide relaxation, focus, or more refreshing fragrances, essential oils for the home by Scents from Nature offer a natural and aromatic solution to enhance the living space of those who seek your products.


Benefits of using Essential Oils in the Home

In today's fast-paced world, a soothing and inviting atmosphere within the home space has become increasingly important to thousands, if not millions, of people all around the world.

Our oils offer you the possibility to provide a natural and effective solution to enhance the ambiance, promote well-being, and create a serene sanctuary within your client’s homes that will help them reduce stress and feel at peace.

Sourced sustainably and ethically, Scents from Nature offers you a collection of high-quality essential oils for the home with multiple benefits.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the Home

One of the primary advantages of incorporating essential oils into a home is the ability to create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere.

Whether you provide warm and cozy scents or more fresh and invigorating fragrances, our essential oils can transform the ambiance of any home to reflect any desired mood.

Aromatherapy and mood enhancement

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for mood enhancement, and essential oils play a significant role in this practice. 

Diffusing oils like Vetiver or African Sandalwood can help you provide your customers with a calm and tranquil space, perfect for relaxation and unwinding after a long day.

Each oil possesses unique aromatic properties that uplift, calm, or rejuvenate the mind and body right from the comfort of our homes.

By diffusing essential oils within the home or by using them in homemade sprays or candles, your products can now offer the power of aromatherapy to create a positive and balanced atmosphere.

Natural air fresheners

In the quest for a pleasant home, many turn to air fresheners that often contain harsh chemicals. 

Our essential oils provide a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances for the home, offering a safer and healthier option for freshening the air. 

Whether you want to help eliminate unwanted odors or simply help infuse the home of your customers with a delightful scent, essential oils by Scents from Nature can be used in diffusers, spray bottles, or added to homemade cleaning solutions.

Besides this, some essential oils possess antimicrobial properties, making them excellent choices for purifying the air and creating a clean and fresh environment.

Sleeping aids

Much like aromatherapy and natural air fresheners, creating a serene and calming atmosphere in the home bedroom is crucial for a restful night's sleep, promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality.

Some essential oils like Vetiver oil also have soothing properties, renowned for their sleep-enhancing properties.

By diffusing such oils in the bedroom or even adding a few drops to a pillow spray, you can help create a tranquil environment that promotes deep and restorative sleep for your customers.

Different ways to use Essential Oils in the Home

Alongside their benefits, essential oils for the home can also be used in different ways, which allow your clients to experience their aromatic and therapeutic benefits.

One such popular method is through the use of diffusers. By adding a few drops of an essential oil into a diffuser with water, the fragrance can be dispersed throughout the home space, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Another viable way is to incorporate essential oils into homemade cleaning products, adding a delightful scent while harnessing their natural antimicrobial properties.

The versatility of our essential oils makes it easy to find creative ways to incorporate them into daily life. There are numerous ways to incorporate essential oils into a daily home routine. 

Here are a few popular methods:

  • Diffusers: 
    Using an essential oil diffuser allows your clients to disperse the aromatic molecules into the air, filling the home with a pleasant fragrance and reaping the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • Mists: 
    By diluting essential oils with water in a spray bottle, you can help your customers create their own room sprays or linen mists that freshen the air and create a delightful aroma in the home.
  • Cleaning Products: 
    Adding a few drops of essential oils to your cleaning solutions can also help to impart a refreshing scent while harnessing the natural antimicrobial properties of certain oils at the same time.

In all, our essential oils help you enhance the overall living experience of your customers by providing them with natural and fresh aromas that foster a cozier atmosphere.

Vetiver Essential Oil


Muhuhu African Sandalwood Essential Oil

Muhuhu African Sandalwood

High-quality Essential Oils for Home by Scents from Nature 

Scents from Nature offers a number of high-quality essential oils for the home with calming properties, refreshing touches, invigorating aromas, or warm and energizing scents.

These aromatic compounds derived from plants have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. 

At Scents from Nature, we prioritize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the highest quality standards in our essential oils. 

Our oils are derived from sustainably cultivated plants, and we work closely with local communities to help support their economy and well-being. 

Through extensive research and innovation, we ensure that our essential oils preserve the integrity of the native plants of Angola while developing a natural and premium product safe to be used in the house and create a luxurious experience for your clients.