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Vegetable Oil for Massages

In the realm of soothing massage therapies, and relaxation and rejuvenation treatments, the right choice of vegetable oils for massages plays a pivotal role.

The purity, fragrance, and therapeutic benefits of our vegetable oils are sure to transform your customer’s massage therapy into an exquisite experience.

However, not all oils are created equal. The choice of vegetable oils for massages must be made with careful ponderation, considering factors like the type of massage, skin type and the desired outcome as well as their origin and production methods.

Scents from Nature is a company with an unwavering dedication to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community welfare in the landscapes of Angola, setting the foundation for the finest vegetable oils for massages available in the market.


Our Vegetable Oils for Massages

Massages are a wonderful experience provided by several companies worldwide. These companies cater to individuals seeking relaxation and rejuvenation through a variety of massage experiences, ranging from on-demand services to high-end spa destinations, with different styles and techniques to suit diverse preferences.

In short, it is a delightful way of offering your clients the ability to relax, rejuvenate, and heal the body and mind, with various techniques.

Vegetable oils play a crucial role in the experience your company provides, facilitating hand movements, reducing friction, and nourishing the skin.

Vegetable oils are natural extracts obtained from the fruits, seeds, or kernels of plants, namely those native to Angola, such as the Marula, Moringa and Xymenia vegetable oils.

At Scents from Nature, we know that selecting the right oils is paramount to offering a premium-quality service.

Whether you seek oils for faster absorption, suitable for targeted massages, or oils that absorb more slowly, perfect for full-body relaxation, we present an exceptional array of vegetable and organic vegetable oils tailored to diverse massage requirements.

Our range of oils is thoughtfully crafted to cater to your company's specific needs. Our oils are meticulously sourced, adhering to the highest quality standards while preserving the essence of nature.


Marula vegetable and organic vegetable oils stands as a testament to the marvels of our natural world.

Extracted from the fruits of the Marula tree through mechanical pressing methods, it has a rich composition, and it can be deemed as an ideal choice for vegetable oil for massages that transport your customers right to the heart of nature's embrace with its subtle almond aroma.

Given it is a faster absorption oil, the Marula vegetable and organic vegetable oil for massages is also ideal for those looking for high-quality oils for targeted massages in smaller body areas.

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The Moringa vegetable oil is a unique oil, known for its slower absorption rate, and perfectly suited for full-body massages, enveloping your customer’s senses in a delicate chestnut aroma.

Beyond its sensory attributes, Moringa has also gathered attention due to its impressive oil content, which can reach up to 40%. Its fatty acid composition, especially oleic acid (>70%), and resistance to oxidative degradation post-refining also make it a valuable addition to the world of natural vegetable oils.

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Xymenia Organic Vegetable Oil carries with it a rich heritage that transcends generations. It has been found to contain fatty acids with more than 22 carbon atoms (very long fatty acids) which are found only rarely in nature.

It is an ideal choice for companies seeking to offer a natural massage experience, free from any other additional essential oils or fragrances.

It offers a subtle chestnut-like aroma to massages, and is complemented by reminiscing undertones of beeswax, our Xymenia Organic Vegetable Oil imparts delightful and natural Scents from Nature to the entire experience.

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Vegetable Oils for Massages by Scents from Nature

Scents from Nature warmly welcome your company to a world of aromatic relaxation and wellness.

Our vegetable oils for massages rare meticulously crafted and produced with the utmost respect for the environment. Our core values of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community well-being guide us every day and each vegetable oil we offer embodies the very essence of nature and is thoughtfully created to elevate the massage experience of all your customers.

Our range of vegetable oils for massages is tailored to address specific preferences. We provide a unique selection of oils, each with its distinctive absorption rate.

Whether your company is in search of premium vegetable oils that absorb quickly, ideal for precise and targeted massages, or slower absorption oils perfect for indulgent full-body treatments, we are sure our selection fulfills your specific needs.

At Scents from Nature, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to create immersive sensory experiences. With us, you can elevate your customer’s massage sessions with the pure essence of nature.

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