We support local communities and producers to contribute to the social development of Angola and Portugal.

Projeto 2020

As a Portuguese company that imports, exports, and produces organic oils throughout the world, it’s only natural for us to specifically identify and personally give thanks to our many partners around the globe.

It is also because of them that our plants, oils, and products can truly become the purest Scents from Nature.


Nutriboty is one of our oldest partners. The company has been operating in Angola for several years and, over the years, we have shared knowledge and history. We continue to forge this partnership and invest in our joint projects together.

As one of our partners in Angola, Nutriboty focuses on selling directly to final consumers as a B2C operation.

Biottonia Essences

Biottonia Essences is one of our partners in Spain, our neighboring country. We are very excited by their current investment in an aromatic herbs plantation across 135 hectares, as well as in their soon-to-be new distillery to produce biological essential oils.

Local Communities and Producers

All the activities endeavored by Scents from Nature contribute to the social and economic development of local communities and producers while improving environmental sustainability, and the conservation of the plant species. 

Today, we are proud to call partners to more than 50 local producers that harvest the raw materials through sustainable wild harvesting practices, their own farms, and indirect producer partnerships.

The European Union and the Portuguese Government

Although not exactly official partners of Scents from Nature, the fact remains that the legal and economic support of widespread projects such as the Portugal 2020 is what allows us to continue to improve our operations, by setting up an essential oil production unit in Figueiró dos Vinhos. 

Not only will this project help us expand but it will also contribute to new population settlements in rural areas, provide new job opportunities, and contribute to the circular economy of the entire region.