We support local communities and producers to contribute to the social development of Angola and Portugal.

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Scents from Nature is a Portuguese company that imports, exports, and locally produces vegetable oils and organic essential oils.

Our distilleries and raw material production are situated in Portugal, Spain, and Angola. It’s here that Scents from Nature partners with local specific producers. And it is here that we own and take care of our plantations, which provide us with greater scalability.

But it is from Lisbon, Portugal, that we distribute our vegetable and essential oils to the entire world. This is only made possible by a team of experienced agricultural experts, botanists, and chemists who dedicate themselves to the particular conservation and cultivation of native Angolan plants. 

Scents from Nature is proud to work alongside local communities to identify and collect native plant species and research new sustainable cultivation methods to domesticate and ensure that these plants provide joy for generations to come.


How Raw Material is obtained by Scents from Nature

Scents from Nature obtains its raw material under the principles of organic agriculture. Our products are certified by Agricert, a renowned private entity for the control and certification of agricultural products.

It all happens in the south of Angola, a particular landscape in the province of Humpata. This area presents us with specific edaphoclimatic conditions, complete with a Mediterranean climate that allows Scents from Nature to cultivate and distill aromatic plants from several different species. 

In fact, many of these are not found anywhere else in the world, as is the case of Mopane or the Resurrection Bush.

Scents from Nature sustainable practices

To ensure we give birth to true Scents from Nature, harvest is carried out through sustainable wild harvesting practices, helping generate valuable jobs in rural areas. 

Today, we are proud to say that Scents from Nature works with more than 50 local producers, in addition to our own farms, and we keep encouraging the creation of agricultural cooperatives and the organization of small producers in the region. 

At the same time, we also guarantee the total acquisition of the production, aiming to strengthen the local economy and increase the income of families. And we also provide seedlings to guarantee their origin and traceability.

At our production unit in Portugal, we obtain raw eucalyptus leaves directly from biomass branches from tree cuttings. This contributes to reduction of combustible material in monoforest eucalyptus plantations. 

Unique Vegetable and Essential Natural Oils by Scents from Nature

Our essential oils are made by steam and hydro-distillation with controlled temperatures for herbaceous plants and for woody material respectively. 

The entire process is supervised in our factory, ensuring that the plants are distilled correctly and consistently and that the oils produced by Scents from Nature are of the highest quality.

Scents from Nature truly believes that by distilling Nature's aromas we can contribute to social development, environmental sustainability, and the conservation of plant species. 

Each essential oil developed by Scents from Nature is carefully crafted to capture the unique properties and fragrance of the plant from which it is distilled.

We carefully source the finest quality plants that are grown according to sustainable ethical farming and controlled wild-harvesting practices. Our oils are 100% natural and free from synthetic fragrances, making them safe for use in a wide range of applications.

We made sure that our distilleries are not far from where we harvest these plants, guaranteeing that Scents from Nature distills them fresh. 

Scents from Nature equipment and techniques

Once in possession of the raw materials themselves, we then use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to extract the oils in the most effective and gentle manner possible.

Throughout the process, oils by Scents from Nature are tested for purity, physicochemical properties, and aroma to ensure that they meet the highest standards. 

This is also made possible using chromatography to foresee if the chemical profile is within the expected ranges before bulking. At the same time, third-party testing ensures that the oils developed by Scents from Nature are free from contaminants and meet all regulatory requirements.

Whether looking for an oil to use in aromatherapy, skincare, or natural perfumery, the unique essential oils by Scents from Nature and its native Angolan plants are sure to impress. 

Not only because of their quality but also given their storytelling potential, which allows for the construction of narratives directly associated with their traditional uses, neatly packaged in aluminum bottles (1KG and 5KG) and metallic containers with HDPE coating (≥30KG).


Our commitment with Local Communities and Sustainability

Scents from Nature is committed to keeping working with local communities and improving its corporate responsibility, sustainability practices, and customer services. 

We envision a future where our factories are an active and integral part of the community in which Scents from Nature operates, therefore creating more jobs and specialized training. 

Our main mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and preserve biodiversity by cultivating and sharing rare and exotic plant species with the entire world. 

We aim to keep supporting local communities and producers and contributing to social development in both Angola and Portugal. We focus on helping to promote economic development while preserving the natural environment.

We will continue studying how to best replant and repopulate native species and always ensure that this flora and the biodiversity that depends on it remains resilient.

Scents from Nature has installed a new essential oil production unit with the support of the European Union which is mainly used for the distillation of eucalyptus oil, in Portugal – but other plants as well.

These essential oils are obtained from biomass which is a by-product of the forestry and paper industry. This “waste” now has a new cycle, turned into a high-end, added-value, product.


The History of Scents from Nature

The history of Scents from Nature begins with Nutriboty, which has been operating in Angola for several years.

By sharing the knowledge and history traced by our partner, we continued to forge this joint project, which started with the harvesting of Moringa seeds sown at Fazenda da Lola, in Namibe Province.

Rosemary oil came next. Scents from Nature acquired the first seedlings, multiplied them in the company’s nursery, and then planted them. 

The production of Eucalyptus oil then began, as soon as the first distillers were installed. For this, Scents from Nature uses leaves collected through forest clean-ups, which removes the need to cut down trees. 

The first distillery tests started in 2018, and from 2019 to 2020 Scents from Nature amplified its factory production capacity up to 20 distillers. In 2021, but especially at the beginning of 2022, we started an internationalization process.

Scents from Nature Factory
Scents from Nature Factory
Scents from Nature Factory

Today, Scents from Nature specializes in the cultivation and preservation of rare and native Angolan plants. Other widely renown plants not native to Africa, such as Lemongrass or White Verbena complement our offer.

Our mission is to continue to work for what is most important at Scents from Nature: our employees, the environment, and our partners and clients. 

When you choose essential and vegetable oils developed by Scents from Nature, you can trust that you are getting the purest and most effective product possible. 

We are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving Angolan biodiversity and we invite you and your company to join us.