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Vegetable oil applications by Scents from Nature are a selection of high-quality vegetable oils, curated by our team of expert botanists. The choices were made considering the most common applications of our vegetable oils.

All oils provided by Scents from Nature – both essential and vegetable oil applications – are ethically sourced from the native plants of Angola and according to the best sustainable practices available.

With our vegetable oil applications, you can be sure that these will not only benefit your company and your products but will also contribute greatly to the preservation of our planet’s environment.

From research and innovation to production and storage methodologies, all our teams share a commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the support of local communities in Angola.

So whether you are looking for wonderful vegetable oil applications to use in the kitchen or safe enough oils to use in hair treatment solutions, our plant extracts are sure to meet all your needs.


What are Vegetable Oil Applications?

Vegetable oil applications encompass a broad spectrum of uses in many different aspects of our shared daily lives. 

These oils, derived from plants through careful extraction processes, offer you and your customers unique properties that make them valuable for a wide range of possible vegetable oil applications and have found their place in numerous industries and companies around the world. 


Vegetable Oil Applications by Scents from Nature

Vegetable oil applications by Scents from Nature are built on the most common uses given to an exceptional selection of vegetable oils, including Marula, Xymenia, or Moringa oil. 

All the essential oils you find at Scents from Nature are derived from the native plants of Angola, where sustainable cultivation practices are employed to ensure their highest quality and purity. 

If you’re looking for specific vegetable oil applications, we have divided them into some very remarkable ones that will cater to your needs.

Vegetable Oil Applications for Massages

Vegetable Oil Applications for Massages

Our vegetable oils, with their purity, delightful fragrances, and therapeutic advantages, are guaranteed to enhance your customers' massage experiences. 
Nevertheless, it's vital to remember that not all oils are identical. When choosing vegetable oils for massages, thorough consideration is required, accounting for factors such as the massage type, skin type, desired results, as well as the oils' origin and production methods.

Vegetable Oil Applications for Haircare

All haircare products have unique formulas with specific ingredients and vegetable oils can play a key role in their benefits. These vegetable oils can nourish and beautify hair, making it a part of the personal hygiene and self-expression of your customers. 
Our vegetable oils come from native Angolan plants, extracted by mechanical pressing to keep their quality, and scent and help your customers achieve healthy and gorgeous hair.

Vegetable Oil Applications for Haircare
Vegetable Oil Applications for Cooking

Vegetable Oil Applications for Cooking

Vegetable oils for cooking not only contribute various nutrients, promoting customer well-being, but they also serve as versatile companions of the culinary world, enhancing flavors, textures, and even aesthetics of all types of dishes, when combined with spices, herbs, or sauces.
For cooking, Scents from Nature offers three exquisite, exotic vegetable oils sourced from sustainable plantations and ethically harvested in Angola, in partnership with local communities.

Vegetable Oil Applications for Soap Making

Vegetable oils play a pivotal role in the captivating world of soap making, where chemistry and creativity merge to create unique products.
These soaps are crafted using nature's finest ingredients, with a delicate balance between them. Our vegetable oils for soap making are meticulously produced in harmony with nature and sustainable practices. 
We work with local producers and communities to ensure the quality and ethical sourcing of these soap-making components.

Vegetable Oil Applications for Soap Making

Organic Essential Oils

In addition to our vegetable oils, Scents from Nature also offers a range of organic essential oils that give you several other possible applications, from creating a wonderful and relaxed spa environment to the most perfect skincare solutions.