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Vegetable Oil for Haircare

Vegetable oils for haircare help your customers maintain healthy and beautiful hair, becoming a vital component not only of personal hygiene but of self-expression as well.

For this purpose, the haircare industry developed several products, from shampoos and conditioners to masks, serums, oils, and other styling products. 

Every haircare product is meticulously crafted based on the unique formulations of each company. Naturally, all these products incorporate some highly specific ingredients. Among such ingredients, some vegetable oils for haircare can play a particularly crucial role.

Our vegetable oils are naturally extracted from native Angolan plants through a mechanical pressing method that preserves their quality properties, offering diverse benefits and delightful natural fragrances to the hair. 

At Scents from Nature, we proudly unveil an extensive selection of vegetable oils for haircare, encompassing both conventional and organic options. 

Rooted in our unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community partnerships, our oils for haircare stand as a powerful option for elevating your haircare product formulations. 


Vegetable and Organic Vegetable Oils for Haircare by Scents from Nature 

Vegetable and vegetable organic oils for haircare by Scents from Nature begin their journey in organic and sustainable plantations nestled within the wonderful landscapes of Angola.

They are all certified by Agricert, an independent verification body that assures the purity and natural essence of our organic oils.

Produced with the utmost care and respect for the environment, our vegetable oils are crafted with meticulous care and produced through gentle processes to ensure that our selection of vegetable oils for haircare preserves their innate properties and benefits.

Marula Vegetable and Organic Vegetable Oil

A sumptuous oil, the Marula Vegetable and Organic Vegetable Oil is extracted through the meticulous process of mechanical pressing. It emerges as a true hydration option for haircare products for a range of hair types.

Its scent, delicately reminiscent of almonds, adds an aromatic touch that elevates your customer’s experience.

Marula oil derives from the fruit of the Marula tree, an indigenous African species celebrated for centuries by local tribes for its multifaceted utility, spanning from food to cosmetics and haircare.

It not only nourishes the hair but also envelops it in a delightful fragrance, offering a truly enriching experience.

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Moringa Vegetable Oil

Moringa Vegetable Oil derives from the seeds of the moringa pods, and it emerges as a prized asset within the haircare industry.

Within this oil lies a treasure trove of high-quality properties and benefits that make it an indispensable ally for those with dry hair, offering much-needed hydration and resilience.

Moringa oil boasts a longstanding history of use across diverse cultures and is widely recognized for its nutritional, cosmetics, and haircare capabilities.

Adding to its inherent allure is a subtle chestnut aroma that envelops the hair with a warm and inviting fragrance, making every experience a comforting delight.

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Xymenia Organic Vegetable Oil

Xymenia Organic Vegetable Oil has held an important place in the beauty traditions of women for countless generations.

But when it comes to haircare, Xymenia's Organic Vegetable Oil hydrating prowess shines, playing a vital role as a nourishing conditioner, revitalizing even the driest of hair and providing it with a subtle aroma of chestnuts, with waxy notes reminiscent of the comforting scent of beeswax.

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Vegetable Oils for Haircare by Scents from Nature 

In our range of vegetable and organic vegetable oils, we embody an unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the empowerment of local communities.

Our oils are meticulously crafted from plants cultivated with utmost care and sustainability in mind. We conduct rigorous research to innovate and ensure that all our oils not only preserve the native plants of Angola but also offer a high-quality, natural choice for your haircare products. 

To include our vegetable oils in your haircare products, simply begin by browsing our carefully curated selection and ordering your Scents from Nature directly online. 

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