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Vegetable Oil for Soap Making

Vegetable oils for soap making are one of the many ingredients of the captivating blend of chemistry and creativity that is the soap making industry.

Soap making products are nurtured by the finest ingredients nature has to offer and hinge on a perfect balance between them all. 

Scents from Nature contributes to your company’s saponification efforts by providing your products with premium high-quality, organic vegetable oils, ethically sourced from the natural landscapes of Angola, and certified by an independent certification body: Agricert.

Our vegetable and organic vegetable oils for soap making are produced in harmony not only with nature but also with the best sustainable practices available and in close partnership with local producers and communities. 


Vegetable and Organic Vegetable Oils for Soap Making by Scents from Nature

At Scents from Nature, vegetable and organic vegetable oils for soap making are naturally extracted from the fruits, seeds, or kernels of different native Angolan plants.

Each plant presents itself with different properties and qualities, which then provide all our oils with many benefits, including for soap making products.

Within the soap manufacturing industry, oils like Marula, Moringa, or Xymenia, can still be considered a hidden treasure trove of high-quality, premium vegetable oils – now available for your company to develop new and exciting products.

At Scents from Nature, we recognize that the selection of oils is a pivotal decision in soap making that determines the ultimate quality, texture, and aroma of the finished product. 

When perfected, soap crafting products infused with our vegetable and organic vegetable oils will be capable of embodying the very spirit of nature itself.

Whether your company is looking for soft or hard soap bars or low to medium lather production, vegetable, and organic vegetable oils by Scents from Nature are sure to impress. 


Marula Vegetable and Organic Vegetable Oil is often hailed as the "African miracle." It truly is an exquisite oil derived from the fruit of the Marula tree. 

For soap making it has a wealth of properties and benefits, and its fragrance, reminiscent of delicate almonds, introduces a touch of luxury to all your soap making products.

Marula oil has an impressive oleic acid content ranging from 70% to 78% and an outstanding stability. At the same time, recent studies suggest it also presents valuable antioxidant properties further enhancing its appeal for the soap making industries.

If your company is looking to develop a lightweight and soft bar with medium lather production – Marula oil is an excellent option to consider.

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While the seeds of this remarkable tree have drawn attraction due to their substantial oil content, reaching up to 40%, and a high-quality fatty acid composition, particularly oleic acid at over 70%, its oil is considered equally exceptional. 

Moringa Vegetable Oil for soap making is a popular option for its subtle chestnut aroma, as well as its low lather production. It is ideal for companies looking to develop medium-hard soap bars and provide their customers with a delightful sensory experience.

Following refinement, Moringa also exhibits a remarkable resistance to oxidative degradation. Beyond its technical merits, Moringa vegetable oil carries a rich tapestry of tradition and history, reflecting its profound significance in diverse cultures.

All of this turns Moringa into a very versatile oil, cherished for centuries across cultures, and benefiting various industries, including soap making. 

Moringa is an ideal choice for companies looking to develop distinctive products with subtle aromas and refined tactile experiences. 

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Xymenia oil is an organic vegetable oil that exudes a robust chestnut aroma while evocating the scent of beeswax. It also has a unique composition, harboring rare fatty acids with more than 22 carbon atoms: an exceptional rarity in the natural world. 

In the soap making industry, Xymenia Organic Vegetable Oil provides your company with hard and sturdy soap bars with a distinctively low lather production. 

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Vegetable Oils for Soap Making by Scents from Nature

Meticulously crafted to enhance your soap making efforts and products, our vegetable and organic vegetable oils offer your company different properties, unique fragrances, and subtle aromas native to the Angolan landscapes.

All our oils weave a tale of sustainability, ethical values, and an affectionate embrace of nature, while still contributing to local communities.

This too allows us to produce premium essential and vegetable oils and uphold the highest quality standards your company requires.

Through extensive research and innovation, we ensure our vegetable oils not only safeguard the intrinsic qualities of the plants used but also result in a natural and premium product that is excellent for soap production but also offers a delightful experience for your clients, provided by truly natural Scents from Nature.

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