We support local communities and producers to contribute to the social development of Angola and Portugal.

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At Scents from Nature, you find a wide range of products that cater to all your business needs.

At our online store, you can filter all products from Scents from Nature, according to the specific needs of your business or product development team. Explore our dozens of vegetable and essential oils, click on your favorites, and gain access to all the information you require to make an informed decision.

Essential Oils

From African Immortelle to Resurrection Bush, from earthy aromas to spicy alternatives, from base notes to top notes, at Scents from Nature we are proud to offer you a set of conventional and organic essential oils with many different possible applications.

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Vegetable Oils

Marula, Xymenia, and Moringa take center stage in our vegetable oils production. All our oils are produced through sustainable cultivation methods, helping us to preserve the natural landscape of Angola, as well as contributing to the local economy.

With our vegetable oils, you can provide your products with beautiful traditional narratives, align with environmentally responsible practices, and be sure of their purity and quality.

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Oil Samples

Not sure if your favorite vegetable or essential oils are the right fit for your needs? No problem. At Scents from Nature, you can order oil samples online.

All our oil samples are available in 10ml, 30ml, and 100ml for your company to experiment with and ensure your business makes the right decision.

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