We support local communities and producers to contribute to the social development of Angola and Portugal.

Projeto 2020
How we select and protect Wild Plants

Learn about the practices on how we select and protect Angolan wild plants.


Understanding ethnobotany

At the core of our mission lies a deep appreciation for the rich ethnobotanical uses of plants. To achieve this, we have worked closely with agronomists, engaging in interviews and discussions with local communities. 

By fostering these meaningful interactions, we have gained profound insights into the cultural and historical significance of these plants, allowing us to better understand their importance and implement effective conservation strategies.

Additionally, we have collaborated with local historical museums and archives, delving into the past to uncover the historical uses and relevance of these remarkable botanical treasures.


Conservation through cultivation 

In our steadfast commitment to sustainable practices, we have established a greenhouse facility. This facility serves as a hub for experimentation and cultivation of native plants.

By carefully propagating these plants through cuttings within a controlled environment, we are actively reducing our dependence on wild populations.

This approach not only safeguards the natural habitats but also preserves the genetic diversity and resilience of these species. 

Through cultivation, we can meet the growing demand for these valuable plants while ensuring their long-term sustainability.


Evaluating seed germination rates

To further enhance our conservation efforts, we undertake meticulous assessments of the germination rates of wild-collected seeds.

Our team meticulously gathers seeds from various populations and habitats, capturing the genetic diversity within the species.

These seeds then undergo rigorous laboratory testing to evaluate their viability and germination capacity. 

This comprehensive approach allows us to understand the success of our propagation efforts and identify any potential challenges or limitations.

Together, we can make a difference!