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Our Facilities in Angola and Portugal

We are pleased to update you on the facilities of our essential and vegetable oils company, which has been dedicated to producing high-quality and sustainable oils.


Our Facilities in Angola

Our facilities in Angola are located in the heart of Humpata, surrounded by lush vegetation and with access to a variety of raw materials, making it the perfect place to produce our products in an environmentally responsible manner.

In Angola, specifically near Lubango, we have a team of experienced professionals who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability throughout our production process. 

Our distillation equipment and laboratory allow us to distill essential oils using the most advanced and efficient methods, ensuring that our products are of the highest purity and within quality standards.

In our distillery instead of burning wood for the production of steam, which entails high fluctuation of temperature during the distillation process, we use a boiler for steam generation. 

Furthermore, we’ve implemented a system for batch control whereas, before the bulking process, we use our GC-FID to evaluate if the essential oil is within the stipulated ranges. 

Moreover, the process of drying the oils in our laboratory to guarantee no water is present, which would cause essential oils hydrolysis and oxidation, is the most time-consuming process. 

With regards to our vegetable oils, our mechanical presses allow us to control and guarantee consistent temperature monitoring, without the use of any type of reagent or chemical substance. 

We decided to use this type of equipment for our vegetable oils because, unlike solvent extraction, mechanical presses do not use any solvents to extract oil from seeds and nuts. 

This eliminates any risk of solvent residue in the final oil product. Furthermore, this equipment is considered environmentally friendly since it does not generate any toxic waste or emissions. 

Additionally, it allows us to produce high-quality oil that retains the natural flavor, aroma, and nutrients of the raw material while ensuring the oil is free of any chemical residues or contaminants.

The vegetable and essential oils are then transported to Lisbon, Portugal, specifically to a warehouse with a laboratory in Cacém.

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Our Facilities in Portugal

Production Center- Figueuiró dos Vinhos Factory

The Figueiró dos Vinhos factory, whose operation began in 2023, is made up of an extraction unit with four 3,000-liter extractors, a dehydration unit formed by an evaporation column, a pilot unit for pilot-scale reproduction of the manufacturing processes of essential oils and prepared to carry out extraction operations by percolation and concentration in the same unit. The factory also has a refraction tower and a physical-chemistry and microbiology laboratory fully equipped to carry out the analysis' necessary to control the quality of the product produced in this factory and in the factory in Angola. It also has a sanitary area with a controlled atmosphere, ideal for handling oils, ensuring there is no external contamination. 

Our facilities in Cacém, Portugal are a warehouse with a laboratory for monitoring essential and vegetable oils during their storage, something we consider an essential facility for the oil industry. 

Our warehouse is equipped with specialized equipment and testing facilities that allow for the analysis and monitoring of the quality of the oils during storage. 

In the laboratory we conduct regular tests to ensure that the oils are stored in optimal conditions, free from contamination and degradation. 

The facility is equipped with analytical tools that allow for accurate and precise analysis of the oils. We also make sure that our oils are analysed in third-party laboratories. We usually analyse our oils with the University of Lisbon so we can have a complete description of the chemical profile of our products.

With a laboratory in the warehouse, any issues with the oils can be detected early on, allowing for prompt remediation and maintenance of the oils' quality. 

Overall, our warehouse with a laboratory for monitoring essential and vegetable oils during its storage allows us to ensure the preservation of the oils' quality and value.

Scents from Nature Distillery in Portugal

Scents from Nature Distillery in Portugal

Scents from Nature Facilities in Portugal

Scents from Nature Facilities in Portugal

Testing the quality of Essential Oils

Testing the quality of Essential Oils

Quality control and safety

In both facilities, in addition to our commitment to sustainability and strict quality control, we also prioritize the health and safety of our employees and customers. 

Our facilities are equipped with safety equipment, and we follow strict protocols to ensure that our products are free from contaminants and harmful substances. 

We also prioritize employee training and education to ensure that our staff are well-informed and equipped to handle any potential hazards. Indeed, we just recently implemented in our facilities in Portugal the HACCP certification.

In conclusion, our facilities are designed to ensure that we produce high-quality, sustainable essential and vegetable oils in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability is evident in every aspect of our production process, from sourcing our raw materials to distribution. 

We are proud to have these values and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the highest-quality essential and vegetable oils for years to come.